Friday, September 21, 2012


I've finished my first novel and I am now just waiting to see if anyone wants it! There's so much to say about this process and how it's been making me feel completely out of control (a good thing?), as I wait and hope for God to open doors. I know it's in the best of hands, so the fact that I have no more control but to sit and wait is actually a sort of blessing.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you a bit about this book I am so passionate about. 

It takes place in England, early 1800's. Regan Kinsey is a young, strong woman of faith. But she very quickly loses sight of God when her home is attacked, her husband killed, and her infant son goes missing with her ladies' maid. Her story is full of adventure as she searches for her son, Phillip, amidst the ensuing danger. She realizes that what she thought was just a sporadic act of violence was actually planned and carefully executed, and her stubbornness in trying to find her son only leads to more chaos. 

Regan has many virtues, but her greatest flaw, and the thing I love about her perhaps most, is her independence. I suppose it is a strength and a flaw. But isn't that often the case? Our greatest attributes can also quickly become our failings. 

When she runs into her old flame - the fiancĂ© who left her after her father meddled in their romance a bit too much - he begs her to trust him to find Philip, but she simply cannot wait on the sidelines. For so many reasons, namely that she also doesn't know if she can trust him (more on that if you read the book! If it is ever published). 

It's a fun story. I've loved writing it. And I'm hoping that you'll get the chance to read it!! 

Beginning work on the second book in the series. More on that later. :) 

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  1. Oh Katie! Congratulations! I can't even imagine what this must feel like. I know your book will be published, and I am dying to finish it!!


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