Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Newborn: Merritt Liam

He has arrived!! Born on September 1, 2012, and perfect in every way, Merritt Liam was my very first newborn photoshoot! The best part about a newborn shoot is the chance to hold the baby. With Nora already 9 months old, I can hardly remember what it was like to hold a baby so small. I told Anna that Nora was never that tiny, but she was actually smaller. It's like a whole other world to think back to that time... And it's going way too fast.

I also told Anna that if I continued to use my photography and practice on newborns, I would never stop having them myself. It's like a fever - contagious! They are so perfect and warm. They snuggle right into your arms. So trusting and honest. It does not get any better than that. I think I may have to plan a follow-up photoshoot just for the opportunity to hug him again.

So: Lessons learned. Newborns are tricky. Not only do you have to cover up private parts and potentially the umbilical cord (Merritt's had already fallen off! Woo!), but you also have to keep them happy. I thought that would be easy because newborns are notorious for sleeping all day. With Nora, I had to go to drastic measures just to wake her up to feed her. Babies love to sleep. But not, apparently, when they are naked and away from mom. Anna and I spent quite a bit of time placing Merritt carefully on the blanket and positioning his little arms and legs, only to have him stir and cry out for mom. She would pick him up, soothe him, and try again. And then he'd pee. At least it was only that. :)

And then he was hungry, and then he was cold, and then he was gassy.

And then, finally, he was sleepy. And content. (Next time, I am bringing a space heater).

And we got these beauties:



Mommy and son.

Family of four.
Love the colors and Joel's sweet smile!

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