Monday, September 24, 2012

Me & My Girl!

Photography lesson time!

Let me be frank. I am learning photography. I am certainly not a pro -- yet. :) But I thought that I would teach/show a few things as I go, in case it might mean something to you. And for any of you real pros out there, feel free to correct me if I'm way off.

I'm going to use a recent photoshoot I did with my daughter.

The important lesson here is about lighting.

The first thing to notice about these pictures is that I am in the shade. When you go outside to take pictures, unless it's early morning or late afternoon, you want to find a shady place. If the sun is directly above you, it will cast unsightly shadows all over your face.

BUT, it's fun to find a place where some of the pretty sunlight is filtering in for some dimension. Just make sure that there aren't holes of sunlight on your face.

Pick a place in the shade where there isn't overwhelming sunlight behind you or else your faces will be too dark. It's similar to standing in front of a bright window inside a house. Your face will be completely lost, and all you will see is the window. I've learned this the hard way. 

See the pretty lighting in this one? Some sun filtering in through the leaves on the trees, and also puddling on the ground.

That's it for now, folks. Hope you learned something!

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