Come explore my blog! For anyone who knows me, you can attest to the fact that I love to talk! And perhaps equally love to write. This blog is designed to share everything God is teaching me about mommyhood, being a supportive wife to my amazing husband, and anything else that He may be showing me, and, knowing me, I'll share it even if it's as small as a hiccup. 

I'm an aspiring writer, a dabbling photographer, a messy cooker, and a hopeful crafter (which is not very often, I'll admit). But I will be sure to post all of my adventures and mishaps here! 

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to do anything but encourage and (hopefully) brighten your day. I know there are a trillion blogs out there, and, though there are many reasons for why people love to blog, there are also a hundred ways readers interpret those blogs. I think there is a tendency to look at what you are reading and assume that the life of the blogger is perfect. I can't count how many times I have done that. What you are reading on the blog is only bits and pieces of my life, the very tip of the iceberg. This is just to say that I'm going to try to keep it real, hoping that you'll see my life is not all rosebushes and butterflies. A rose has pretty red petals and a sweet fragrance, but don't forget that there are also thorns! My life is not perfect. But even with that being said, people will read and imagine what they will. I just want it to be known that, by no means, am I trying to create any comparison or jealousy. Just because I don't hop on the blog to write about every time I cry, or scream, or do something ridiculous doesn't mean that those moments don't happen. 

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