Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crate Bookshelf

First of all, I loved this project! And especially how it turned out.

You can buy a normal bookshelf for about $100, or buy a bunch of crates from a craft store, stain them,  nail them together, and make your own unique bookshelf for about the same cost. Yes, it is a bit more work but, in my opinion, worth it. 

Each crate cost about $10, but I think that if you looked really hard (harder than I did, at least), you could maybe find them for free somewhere. I did ask a nearby nursery if they threw out their crates after their Fall Festival, but the woman seemed to think that they kept them... I am pretty sure she did not really know, but either way, I decided to move on to what I did know: that my favorite craft store carried them. If I were more like my smart husband, I would have searched the internet for months to find the perfect deal. But, for me, sometimes convenience weighs out. And I became impatient. (If anybody knows where you can find these crates for cheaper than $10/ea., let me know. If only for the sake of anyone else interested in a project like this.)

I must say, staining these suckers is a pain. It took me about five hours to make sure they all had a really nice coat. And then I spray-painted them with polyurethane for a nice seal and shine. My husband worked with me to nail them together, and then nail them to the wall so that my daughter cannot pull them down on top of her. Safety first!

Still accruing stuff to put on the shelves, so the decorating is not complete. (and please excuse the bottom shelves which are completely chock-full of baby books and puzzles.)

Also, my husband is completely renovating our master bathroom. He gutted the entire thing and has just finished tiling both the shower and the floor. So, when I went to pick up the tile from a local tile company, I found tons of wooden pallets outside. After asking about them, I was told that they were up for grabs. Apparently the firemen will come grab huge loads of them, set them on fire, and practice putting them out. So, go with a truck to your local tiling companies and load it up with pallets for crafts! I am planning on making a coffee table for our basement at some point. If I ever actually do it, you'll see about it on here. So keep coming back!

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