Friday, July 26, 2013

Carson | Newborn

This post is a tad late, but better late than never! Between house remodeling, nannying another little girl the past two months, and a crazy summer schedule, I've barely had time to check my email! Can't complain though, because all of the business has been a very good thing. Isn't that what summer is for? 

Anyway, back to the little cutie below: I had the pleasure of meeting little Carson when he was not even two weeks old. He has the most amazing hair I've ever seen on a newborn, naturally styled in the latest fashion too. And holding him was a sweet blast to the past, making me want another little baby in my arms right now -- seriously, I've completely forgotten about all those sleepless nights and frantic tactics to help a baby calm down (I used to do full-blown squats for Nora. It was the only thing she liked... and it was short-lived, let me tell you). But, when you're holding eight pounds of perfection, all of those other thoughts just flit away. 

Just see if you can look at these pictures and not agree: 

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