Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Girl is ONE!

My baby girl is one, and I don't know where the time has gone! At her birthday party, I hung several lines of pictures from this past year. She's had a pretty amazing first year of life, if I do say so myself. 

A look back on Nora's first year: 

- Born Dec. 3, 2011
- Went to Florida for an extended family vacation
- Traveled to Pawley's Island to play on the beaches and take my first bike ride
- Chased my family's dog, Sandy, all around the kitchen and yard
- Went to see my first Musical in the Warner Theatre in DC
- Attended several weddings with Mom & Dad
- Went to Christmas Town in Busch Gardens with family 
- Went to the Zoo twice (and completely slept through my first visit) 
- Fell in love with my cousin, Olivia. 
- Sat for mom through several photo shoots
- Played in Fall leaves
- Swam in Grammy's neighborhood pool
- Enjoyed countless times on the playground swing
- Went to Charlottesville for apple-picking
- Explored several museums, Children's, Living, etc. 
- Went putt putt golfing
- Attended two of my aunt's graduations from college
- Went to see the DC Christmas Tree
- Visited Mom's old work in DC
- Met the Pioneer Woman for her book-signing (and she fell in love with my red hair!) 

With such a good year, no wonder Nora never stops smiling!! 

December 3, 2012
She knows she's a big girl!

We can't forget Lambey, who contributed to half of the smiles she gave for the camera.

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