Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Him we live, move, and have our being.

I'm preparing for the arduous journey toward publication. I have nearly *finished* my first book (I say *finished* because, as any writer knows, there is no such thing as being finished. I think I am on version 398 of my book, with more to come).

The Pursuer takes place in England, 1816, and has been years in the making. I am half excited to be so far along, and half petrified that the pursuit of publication is just around the corner (whoa, alliteration!). I've heard horror stories of people writing 17 novels before ever getting published--although maybe that's not a horror story at all. At least they were published. I can only pray that I am so blessed.

I plan on using this blog for many purposes, mainly to post news about writing and my book. But sprinkled throughout, I'll probably share what God is teaching me. Right now, I am learning about trusting in Him -- even BEFORE I start looking for a publisher.

I've had moments of panic already. I've spent so much time pouring into my book, what if it never gets published? And then I think of all the people who would know about my failure, my lack of success--how humiliating. On top of that, Regan and Seth's story would never be told, which saddens me because I think (of course) that it is a wonderful story.

...And then I am reminded that I am not writing for myself. Or even for others' enjoyment. I am writing for the pleasure of the King. I am using the gifts He has given me, and I am cultivating them. Whether or not I ever become a published author does not matter.

"Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of God." Galations 1:10.

I pray that God does use me to share the message of His love and mercy through the stories in my books. I want to be like clay in His hands, molded into a place where I can be a vessel for His light. So many books that I've read have empowered me, inspired me, and transformed my heart to be more like His. I only pray that God uses me to reach others with His love. How humbling to be used by God.


  1. Hey My Love!

    FYI, your blog almost made me cry. It's soo cool b/c I can see your heart so clearly and I know that it's pure as "filtered tap"...haha. I love you.


  2. Katie, thank you for being so transparent. Following your blog will be an honor and a delight. I count it a privilege when a person removes their mask and reveals who they really are and what’s in their heart. ;)

  3. Hi Katie,
    I love your site! I've critted a couple of chapter on your book but couldn't pull up the one waiting in the archives now...

  4. Katie,
    Congratulations on your blog...You've said
    exactly what I've said in my blog about being
    more consecrated to writing for Him than writing for me. Publication can be two things and maybe it's an either/or situation:
    Getting your name in print, succeeding in a pursuit/getting His Name in print, succeeding in His will for your pursuit.
    I am Joyfully going to follow your blog and feel free to follow each of mine.
    May God bless You and His writing!

  5. Katie,
    Thanks for including me on your Blog list. I really enjoyed your Blog--I'm sure the book is just as good if not better! Blessings of favor and success to you--That is what I'm praying! Love, Bebo

  6. What?! Reagan AND Seth's story?!! I haven't gotten that far yet!! =) Looking forward to reading more chapters!


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